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What to expect at your Office Visit

First office visit: Prior to your first office visit, please download and complete the intake forms above and have them completed prior to your visit. In addition, please bring in a copy of your most recent lab work from the previous 3 years.

The initial visit is comprehensive and covers your health concerns and history in detail. In addition, Dr. Han will review your lab work from the previous 3 years and recommend further testing if deemed necessary. During your visit, you will receive an individualized plan on how to address your specific health concerns. If time allows and appropriate, physical modalities such as acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, or acupressure may begin at your initial office visit. 

First Office Visit - 90 minutes: $240

Return office visit: A return office visit may be a follow up of your initial office visit and/or a new concern. Dr. Han will continue to discuss ways into which you can continue to optimize your health. Your return office visit may also include acupuncture if appropriate. 

Return Office Visit - 45-60 minutes: $120

Acute Office Visit: These are visits for a recent illness or injury where the appointment will be specific to that concern and abbreviated. 

Acute Office Visit - 15-20 minutes: $60


Since Illinois does not have a scope of practice for naturopathic medicine (See Licensing), we cannot accept insurance as a form of payment. We can provide you with a receipt, upon request, that may be accepted by insurance plans that have a FSA or HSA plan associated with the plan. Dr. Han is NOT accepting insurance payments for acupuncture visits at this time. Visit fees are due at the time of service.

Note that all testing and consultation is done to assist in creating a plan to increase wellness. No medical diagnosis is made. Please seek care from an Illinois licensed physician for a medical diagnosis. See Licensing for more information.